Medical Department

At Shreya Life Sciences, medical information means providing unbiased evidence based and critically evaluated information about our products specifically & the science of medicine in general.

The Medical Department has a wide spectrum of activities:

Answering enquiries

Proactive provision of information

Drug safety and efficacy monitoring

Training and education

Providing information to drug discovery research departments of the Company

Responsibility for conducting extensive clinical trials in different therapeutic areas

Publications of scientific data

Presentation of scientific data in medical conferences / symposia.

Continuous updating of medical data on existing and new products

The department provides professional medical expertise to sales, marketing and legal functions on marketed products and drugs currently in the marketing & approval process

It ensures that doctors are provided with accurate & useful scientific information through our sales and marketing teams

Medical department reviews, approves and supervises all aspects of post-marketing clinical study program

Solicits and maintains close professional relationship with opinion leaders (physicians and researchers) within pertinent medical community

We invite you to join us in our endeavour and strengthen our hands in expanding and distributing scientific information and practices across the country. You can strengthen us by:

providing interesting information

participating in our ongoing clinical studies

We welcome & will be grateful for your valuable contribution.