At SHREYA, we welcome enquiry for contract manufacture.

We can manufacture pharmaceutical formulations, both for Export and Domestic     Market requirements on P-to-P or L-n-L models.

We can develop and customise the product as per the client’s requirements.

We welcome Enquiries for dedicated manufacture of products as well.

We have WHO GMP certification for both our plants.

We have obtained approvals from Ukraine, Ethiopia & Zimbabwe for manufacture and     supply of goods from our plants.

For contract manufacture at SHREYA, please send your enquiries to:

Products from Aurangabad Plant & Manufacturing Capacities

Tablets : All types of tablets including Plain, SR, and delayed release forms.                52 lakhs (5.2 M) tablets per shift.

Capsules : All sizes of hard gelatine capsules. 4 lakhs (400K) capsules /shift                Small volume injections

Ampoules : 1 lakhs (100 K) of 2ml & 5ml sizes.

Vials : 10 K of 10 ml size.

Products from Roorkee Plant (Excise Free zone)& Manufacturing Capacities

Dry powder cephalosporin

Injections : Non-beta lactam dry powder injections (Ceftriaxone & Cefotaxim                and their combinations with sulbactam or tazobactam) 50K vials per shift.

Tablets : 36 lakhs (3.6 M) per shift.

Capsules : 4 lakhs (400K) per shift.

Anti TB range : Separate section for production of rifampicin range of anti TB                products.

(Rifampicin section) Double-layered tablets also produced. 1.6 lakhs (160 K                tablets per shift).

Oral Liquids : 80,000 lts per shift filling in 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100 ml & 200 ml size                bottles.

Lozenges : Manufactured in fully automatic state of art KLOCKNER MACHINE.                3 metric tons per shift.