Manufacturing at Shreya is undertaken at key locations, replete with state-of-the-art facilities, equipments and people committed to providing quality products.

Aurangabad Plant
The home of world famous Ajanta & Ellora Caves is the manufacturing hub of Shreya Life Sciences. It has facilities for Injectables such as:

Small Volume Parenterals (Ampoules, Vials and Insulins)

Lyophilized Injectables

Manufacturing of biotech APIs - Dextran, Iron Dextran and Hyaluronidase

Oral Solid Dosages
This new manufacturing Plant serves the needs for Shreya’s export requirements.

Plant has contract manufacturing facilities, especially for supply of finished formulations to regulated markets.

Built per regulatory requirements conforming to specifications and standards of major global regulatory authorities viz. MHRA/EMEA, USFDA, TGA, MCC etc.

The Plant has:

Microcosm of the main manufacturing facility in the form of Pilot Plant area.

Microcosm of the Pilot Plant in the form of formulation R & D.

This Microcosm has been designed & implemented in accordance with the standards prescribed by the major global regulatory authorities.

Roorkee Plant
A city located at the foothills of the Himalayas & famous for the legendary 150 years old engineering college (THOMPSON COLLEGE), now converted to its new ‘avatar’ - IIT – is the centre for Shreya’s new manufacturing unit. This unit is equipped with facilities for production of:

Oral solids (Tablets & Capsules)

Oral liquids


Dry Powder Injectables (Cephalosporins)

The plant site at Roorkee will soon house a state of the art Insulin Formulations Unit (Vials / Cartridges) vide the second phase of expansion at this site.

Future Forward
Shreya envisions a strong future with certain definite plans such as :

Strengthen and grow existing Life Style Disorder Segments including–Cardiovasculars, Diabetes and Pain management.

Strengthen Anti–TB & Anti-Malarial in which segments Shreya is amongst the market leaders.

Strengthen Biotech in which segment we have established a strong presence.

Enter new markets particularly Europe, U.S.A. and Japan

To contract manufacture formulations and Biopharmaceuticals for supply to International Markets.