One of Shreya's key focus is Research and Development. Shreya lays great emphasis on:

Developing pharmaceutical dosage forms including



     Injectables (SVP and LVP)

     Liquid orals


Sustained release dosage forms using different technologies

Newer dosage forms including NDDS

Projects underway at various stages encompass several therapeutic areas such as anti-bacterials, anti-diabetics, anti-malarials, anti-hypertensives, nutritionals, enzymes, anti-inflammatory, haematinics, anti-allergics and anti-tubercular.


The development laboratory is well equipped to carry out pre-formulation work followed by optimization to bio batch scale up. The pilot lab facility houses state-of-the-art equipment to assist scale ups and reproducibility. Needless to add, these activities are ably supported by an Analytical Development team which carries out stability studies in line with internationally acclaimed ICH guidelines.

Technically qualified staff with appropriate experience are engaged in analytical and pharmaceutical development activities.

The development team plays a key role in supporting commercial scale ups including validation programs.

Further to registration of dossiers and export of products to Russia and CIS countries, the laboratory has taken up development projects to meet stringent requirements of regulated markets - UK, EU and South Africa.

Core Proprietary Technologies

Hynidase: This is a spreading factor that enhances the effect of local anesthesia and has wide clinical application, the most important among them being used in cataract surgery. The source of our Hynidase is ovine unlike others which are bovine. Hence, our product is free of TSE/BSE infections

An Insulin Formulation facility has been developed recently where both 40 IU & 100 IU insulin are formulated. Our range includes




     50/50 variety

Iron Dextrans and Dextrans: These are manufactured as APIs and formulated in-house

Salmon Calcitonin Injection and Salmon Calcitonin Nasal Spray Formulations for treatment of osteoporosis

Alliances for Basic Drug Research

Shreya has a global agreement with National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), a Govt. of India Research Institute to jointly develop and commercialize two anti-malarial lead molecules.

The Anti-Malarial project is undergoing pre-clinical toxicity studies.

As a first step, acute & sub-acute toxicity studies have been completed with encouraging results.

The project is now scheduled to move to pharmaco kinetic and pharmaco dynamic studies.

Later, long term animal toxicity studies would be conducted before entering the early phase of clinical studies.

Another agreement with NIO, Goa, is a project to develop important Anti-TB products.

Future R&D Plans

Shreya envisions a strong future & plans include:

Set up an exclusive R&D Centre to cater to research in Chemistry & Biotechnology

Research activities will cover areas of Novel Chemistry and Biogenerics

Shreya is always exploring & on the look-out for possibilities of collaborative and sponsorship research