Business Development

At Shreya, partnering and partnership are the fulcrum of its business development policy.
We are interested both in In-Licensing and Out-Licensing to expand our business both in India and the overseas market.
Shreya has a strong marketing setup in India and in Russia and is open to leveraging the same for potential partnership programs.

In-Licensing -At the moment, we are at a very early stage of our R&D effort. Sherya seeks to work in partnership with strong research based Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies to market their product/s in India to support our product portfolio and provide reach to the partnering company in India by using our marketing strength.

We are mainly interested in the therapeutic segments of -




Gynaecology & Biotechnology

Out – Licensing - Currently we are marketing our products in Russia, CIS countries & some of the Asia Pacific markets. We have a few proprietary products in addition to speciality products in the fields of -

Diabetology– (rDNA Human Insulin, Diabetic Specific Nutrient, OHA’s)

Ophthalmology (Hynidase)

Anaemia Treatment (Iron Dextran)

Vitamins, minerals and Aminoacids combinations (Specialised Nutrition Products)


Cough & Cold

Gastroenterology (Enzymes / PPI’s)

Contract Manufacturing
We have a State of Art Manufacturing facility approved by the Indian Regulatory Authorities and our new facilities are in the process of working towards approval from the European Regulatory Body. We are open to undertake Contract Manufacturing. We have facilities for Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Small Volume Parenterals, Lozenges, Dry Powder Injectables.